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Jardines del Castillo- Trujillo Alto, PR (English)

This beautiful place is located about 19 minutes from San Juan Puerto Rico International Airport. This was the residence of the Chilean Consul, Desiderio Álvarez in the last century. It is now a completely intimate and romantic event venue.

The Castle Gardens has a capacity for 250 people and includes parking for 85 vehicles. It has individual facilities so that the bride and groom can be there before the activity begins. Los Jardines del Castillo (The Castle Gardens) are LGTB+ and Pet Friendly.

Something that stands out in this place is the El Flamboyán(Flamboyant) tree at the entrance where the ceremony normally takes place, lit with string light to give it a more romantic touch. Something that fascinates me about this place is that it includes several options for your activity. Some of the services that Los Jardines del Castillo includes are:

  • DJ service

  • Private Chef

  • Dinner is served at the table or buffet

  • Open Bar for 4 hours

  • Security

  • Cleaning

  • Tables

  • 2 rustic tables Vienna

  • Vienna style chairs

  • China, cutlery, and glasses

  • And more

* Some services vary depending on the chosen package.

This place is very cozy, intimate, and romantic, very close to the tourist area of ​​the island and it is extremely easy to get to. MMO thanks Carol and the staff of Los Jardines del Castillo for being so kind in giving us a tour and guiding us about these beautiful facilities. Contact us today if you want to know more or schedule an appointment.


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