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Puerto Rico!, Venues for Events

We are already entering the most special time of the year. That means that this is the season in which we mostly spend time with the people important to us and want to give them the best gifts we can find, not to mention that many couples decide to get engaged. According to, December is the most popular month with a statistic of 19% marriage proposals.

As you know my niche is destination weddings and for that reason I was in Puerto Rico this October because I want to make known beautiful places on the island to not only vacation but also celebrate your wedding or that of someone you may know and is interested in a super special event. So if that's the case, share this email with that person, so they know about these special places. Soon I will be back in Puerto Rico looking for more places, so stay tuned.

The places I visited were:

Hacienda Siesta Alegre - Rio Grande, PR

Located on top of a hill, with beautiful panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. Hacienda Siesta Alegre is one of the most exclusive options on the island to celebrate elegant parties, weddings and memorable corporate events. La Hacienda has a unique atmosphere and style in Puerto Rico.

Designed in the Spanish colonial style, it contains a variety of terraces, balconies, interior patios, beautiful gardens and open spaces that characterize it as a place of unique and special character. The residence offers a cozy, intimate, warm and very romantic atmosphere.

Hacienda Ilusión - Naguabo, PR

Hacienda Ilusión is a paradise preceded by a family and festive tradition, perfect for both a large-scale private banquet and a high-level wedding or corporate event. With stateliness, class and distinction this structure is raised with an evident influence of Spanish Moorish architecture. It is bordered by nearly 300 cuerdas of green and fertile land, right at the foot of El Yunque, adjacent to the Río Blanco reservoir, in Naguabo, a municipality in the southeastern region of Puerto Rico. Hacienda Ilusión has 8 magnificent spaces to celebrate your events: weddings, birthdays, business meetings, parties, private meetings

Jardines del Castillo - Trujillo Alto, PR

Our castle is in the heart of Trujillo Alto. An attractive open environment surrounded by exquisite nature; perfect to frame your social or business event and turn it into a unique and unforgettable experience. Just minutes from the metropolitan area, a unique place awaits you. You are invited to this colonial structure where history merges with nature to provide the most balanced and delicious environment to celebrate your social or business event. What at the beginning of the last century was the home of a highly respected Consul of Chile, named Desiderio Álvarez, has now become the ideal place for his activity. You will fall in love with our elegant and colorful gardens dressed with various endemic plants and trees such as the Flamboyán. Indulge your senses on our wooden cocktail terrace where boundless fresh air, stunning mountain views and melodious birdsong create a harmonious encounter with nature during your special day. As the sun sets and the moon begins to rise, a mesmerizing cool tropical breeze will enhance your reception.

El Pretexto - Cayey, PR

Dinner and cocktails, we are the perfect place for the day of your dreams. El Pretexto specializes in intimate events, getaways and small weddings for couples who want a personalized and intimate celebration surrounded by the most essential people in your life.

Wyndham Palmas del Mar - Humacao, PR

Romance under the palm trees. Wyndham Palmas is the most romantic setting for your wedding celebration. With over 6,000 square feet of elegant ballroom space, manicured lawns, and breathtaking expanses of golden sand, we have a sublime venue for your momentous day.

Starting next week I will be sending you the specific details of each location. Feel free to share it with your friends and family.


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