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Frequently Asked Questions

All service include research and propose of a maximum of 3 potential vacation itineraries. Depending on your desires, these itineraries may vary in destination, accommodations, transfers, or all of the above.  The traveler(s) will have a chance to review and ask any questions about the proposals and make minor adjustments if needed. If the traveler(s) desire additional choices, MMO will provide one more itinerary for an additional $50 charge, collected before research begins.          




Can I schedule a Quick Hello with you to discuss my trip?


YES! Click here to schedule a quick 15-minute video chat with me. After that, you will receive an email outlining the next steps to get you closer to your dream vacation!


Whom do you work with?

I work with people looking to plan their dream vacation without the stress that comes with it! We'd be perfect to work together if:


  • You know the value of your time, and pouring over the internet for hours at a clip to create the perfect travel itinerary is not your idea of time well spent.

  • Budget travel isn’t your thing. Our agency only books 4-star and higher accommodations. We work with clients willing to invest a minimum of mid-four figures into their vacation experience.

  • You desire to work with an experienced travel advisor so that we can do all the hard work, plan your dream vacation, and prepare you for everything you'll enjoy on your trip.



Is there anything you don’t book?

  • Rewards travel of any kind.

  • Stand-alone flights. Flights will only be booked if they are part of a package. 

  • 3-star and below accommodations with some exceptions. For example, you're trekking the Inca Trail, and camping is part of the trip. OR, depending on the location/type of trip you’re booking, 4-star and above accommodations just may not exist.

  • Certain vacation rentals, like Airbnb. We can’t vouch for them and only book what we know to be the best for our clients. 

  • Most US Travel within the contiguous 48 states. We do book Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories. We also book the theme park of Universal Studio (Fl and CA), World Disney World in Fl and Disneyland in CA.   Feel free to reach out; we’ll be happy to discuss this in more detail!


Is there a fee for last-minute bookings, and what is considered "last minute"?


Yes, additional fees will apply for any bookings that are 90 days or less before travel. Last-minute fees range between $100-$500, depending on the trip. 

Additional of the fee is any other requirement for last-minute bookings?

Yes, additional of the fees is required additional requirement that will be informed at time of our Discovery Call.

Why should I work with your agency? 


Maria Martinez Ordm is not just a booking agency. We are a full-service travel agency that provides our clients with support and guidance from when they contact us until well after their trip. Our agency is about building relationships with our clients so we can serve them better when designing their ideal vacations. Every itinerary is carefully curated and customized to match the client's needs and travel style.


We will be the first to admit that we do not know everything there is to know about travel. But guess what? When we don’t know the answer, we reach out to one of our trusted travel partners and receive the answer in no time.


Our agency has access to industry resources that the general consumer does not. When you work with our agency, you are working with a travel industry insider. We always have the inside scoop and will ensure you do too.


We are advocates for our clients. Sometimes the unexpected comes up when you’re traveling. No problem; we have you covered. 


What destinations do you book?


We primarily work within the Caribbean, Mexico. 

Just because you don’t see your destination listed doesn’t mean we don’t work within that region. Please reach out to us for more information. We will gladly refer you to another trusted agency if we cannot accommodate your request.



Do you book River Cruises and Expedition Cruises?


Yes, There are usually under 150 guests (sometimes much less), and you can sail in luxury while traveling to some of the most beautiful regions in Europe and beyond.

 You may be asking, “What is an Expedition Cruise?” Expedition Cruises involve small ships and adventure itineraries. Have you ever watched a Jacques Cousteau documentary and thought, “wow, that is something I would love to experience!”.  If that’s the case, an expedition cruise may be for you.



Do you book group tours and escorted travel?


That is our speciality! We put together customized tours for all kinds of groups. Destination Wedding, family, friends, organizations, employee appreciation…. We do it all. 

Escorted tours are a great way to see the sites while someone else does all the heavy lifting. We can also find you an amazing escorted tour option. Most tours have time built into the itinerary that will allow travelers to do some sightseeing on their own.



Do you have any passport requirements?


Our agency requires that all travelers have valid passports for at least six months after their proposed return date. This is done to protect our clients and their investment. Country and airline requirements differ in many cases. Airlines may prohibit you from boarding even if your visiting country has a more lenient passport policy. Our agency requires a six-month validity date in case passport offices are closed, and clients cannot renew their passports in a timely manner.

We require clients to provide us with a copy of their passports and IDs before research begins so that we can ensure no delays in sending you on the vacation of your dreams.



I've noticed that most agencies charge fees; what are yours? 


Customized travel involves many moving elements, and we are here to manage them for you!  In general (but not always), travel agents are paid on a commission basis by their suppliers. Beginning in September 2022, we begin a non-refundable fee-for-service arrangement to cover our time, expertise and in addition to being able to provide you with unbiased recommendations tailored to your individual needs, this allows us to include services for you that are not commissionable to us, making this further enhance your experience.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic trapped many travel professionals in a place where many ended up working hour after hour with virtually no pay for doing so. As a result, we find it necessary to implement a fee-for-service agreement to avoid loss of revenue in the event of a disaster. We require that the non-refundable service fee be paid before a custom itinerary is created.

Please click here for specific pricing information.



The name of the agency is Maria Martinez Ordm; why do you keep saying we and our? 


I am the face of the agency and the person you will be directly working with. However, you don’t see my amazing “behind the scenes” support team; they're an essential part of what I do! They help me with everything from tech to social media, destination contacts, accounting, and much more. Their hard work and dedication help to streamline my business and keep it running like a well-oiled machine!



I want to plan my vacation with you! How should we get started?


I'm looking forward to meeting you! Please click the button to schedule a 15-minute Quick Hello with me so I can learn more about your upcoming trip.

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