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Tents terms and Conditions 



The clients shall not change the date, time or location of the event without first contacting and advising MMO of said changes so as to determine if MMO is still available to provide services.  In case if the client does reschedule it will be on a mutually agreed upon date. If  MMO is unavailable to provide the services, then MMO is released from all contract obligations, and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for non-performance. The clients also forfeit MMO fees for non-compliance with this Agreement.

 Service rental = one location/one date/one tent package. Rental period of 18 hours, unless otherwise arranged.

 MMO shall arrive at the event location for set up between 9 AM -2 PM. Any time outside of this window must be arranged at booking and may require an additional fee. The clients fully understand and agree that MMO shall not be responsible or held liable in the event the MMO is prohibited from providing services due to illness, hospitalization, auto accident, transportation breakdown/disruption, traffic difficulties, acts of God such as hurricanes or inclement weather or other unforeseen incapacitation or other cause of non-arrival on the day of the Service. MMO will make every attempt possible to notify the clients and to provide a substitute who can provide services if time and resources permit. In any event, MMO, their agents and assigns shall NOT be held liable for any compensation or any damages (including punitive) due to non-performance of any services resulting from such incapacitations, non-arrival, errors and/or omissions of any type.



 At the time of signing this Agreement, the clients shall pay a non-refundable booking fee or retainer fee of $100 to MMO for the Services. The Clients agree that the remaining balance is due 24 hours before set up.  Service booked less than 7 days out will require payment in full.


 Cancellations must be communicated in writing. If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by the clients at least seven (7) days prior to the event date. If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by the clients less than seven (7) days prior to the Event date, the clients shall be responsible for full payment of services, except for travel fees, if applicable. If written notice of Cancellation of Services is not provided by the clients, the clients shall be responsible for full payment of Services, including travel fees, if applicable. If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by the clients, MMO shall be released to make commercially reasonable attempts to re-book the date and time of the Event.

In the unlikely event that MMO is unable to perform the Service for unforeseen circumstances (i.e. hospitalization, automobile accident, and/or transportation breakdown, etc.), MMO shall be allowed to make reasonable attempts to provide a replacement at no additional cost to the Clients. In the event that MMO must cancel this Agreement for Services, the Clients shall be refunded the full fees paid for the Services. 


MMO is not responsible for injury, damages, or losses incurred by the guest or rentee. MMO also assumes no responsibility for any food, beverage, floral arrangements, or decorative items, either personal or professional, brought by anyone before, during, or after the Event.


Client agrees that to the fullest extent permitted by law, MMO shall not be liable for any claims for emotional distress, mental anguish, consequential damages, lost profit, loss of enjoyment, lost revenues, replacement costs, compensatory damages, and/or punitive damages, whether or not foreseeable and/or arising from any negligent act or omission on the part of any person. MMO liability for any claim, breach, or damage by reason of any act or omission shall be limited to repayment of sums paid by the client only.


The client  agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless any MMO employees, agents, independent contractors, officers, directors, members and/or managers for any injury, property damage, liability, claim, or other cause of action arising out of and/or related to the actions of the client or there guests


 The client agrees that MMO may use any images and stories from the event for any means of promotion, including advertising and display on websites or blogs unless otherwise stated by the client. The client waives any right to payment, royalties, or any other consideration for the use of the images or stories.


 It is understood that MMO is an independent contractor with respect to the client and not an employee of the clients. The clients will not provide fringe benefits, including health insurance benefits, paid vacation, or any other employee benefit, for the benefit of the MMO employees.


MMO employees, if any, who perform services for the clients under this Agreement shall also be bound by the provisions of this Agreement.


 If the performance of this Agreement or any obligation under this Agreement is prevented, restricted, or interfered with by causes beyond either party's reasonable control ("Force Majeure"), and if the party is unable to carry out its obligations gives the other party is a prompt written notice of such event, then the obligations of the party invoking this provision shall be suspended to the extent necessary by such event. The term Force Majeure shall include, without limitation, acts of God, fire, explosion, vandalism, storm or other similar occurrence, orders or acts of military or civil authority, or by national emergencies, insurrections, riots, or wars, or strikes, lock-outs, work stoppages, or other labor disputes, or supplier failures. The excused party shall use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to avoid or remove such causes of non-performance and shall proceed to perform with reasonable dispatch whenever such causes are removed or ceased. An act or omission shall be deemed within the reasonable control of a party if committed, omitted, or caused by such party, or its employees, officers, agents, or affiliates.


  1. Late fee: MMO may waive the late fee charge, at his/her discretion. No refund will be given if MMO is not able to perform the service because of any delays beyond the stipulated time period. MMO will charge an additional $50.00 per half hour if required to wait more than 29 minutes past the scheduled starting time. Late fee is due paid at the setup time. The ability of MMO to wait more than 30 minutes will be solely at MMO's discretion.

  2. Miles Fee: 

  •  51 -70 miles $50

  •  71 - 90 miles $75

  •  91 plus miles $125.

  1. Additional travel expenses may include a one- or two-night hotel stay if the event is more than 91 miles away from the MMO location. These details MUST be discussed prior to signing the contract. Hotel accommodations are required for any of the following conditions:

i. If the event is before 11:00 a.m. and more than 91 miles away (for the night before the event); 

ii.  If the event is after 6:30 p.m. and more than 91 miles away (for the night of the event); 

  1.  All travel expenses should be included in the total event cost and need to be paid two weeks prior to the event. All parking and entrance fees to your event are to be paid by clients and shall be included in the total event cost and shall be paid two weeks before the event.

  2. RESORT/HOTEL parties will incur a $50 delivery fee.

  3. If Smoke /Animal hair/filth/feces or by-products are detected an additional $100 cleaning fee will be charged. 

  4. If any item is determined at pick up, to be missing, damaged, broken, ripped, torn, or unreasonably stained (this includes dirt,bodily fluids, smoke damage, animal hair/filth, food/drink, nail polish, make-up, permanent markers, crayons, and slime)  You will be charged a damage fee of $100.



  1.  All PARTY FAVORS are special ordered at booking. No refund if you change your mind. 

  2. THEME, NUMBER OF TENTS, and ADD-ONS  will be confirmed upon booking.  

ONCE  CONFIRMED, THE NUMBER OF TENTS CANNOT BE  REDUCED or MODIFIED. We can always bring fewer tents to your party. Extra tents are subject to availability. If you are unsure, please book the fewest number of tents required.

  1. Please measure to make sure you have adequate space for all tents. Each tent requires a minimum of 46”W.x 75”L. THINK TWIN SIZED BED!  Additional 16”L is needed for the tray. 

  2. We DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE. You must have the party space cleared out BEFORE  we arrive to set up. This includes  hotel/resort rooms, country clubs, dance studios, etc.

  3. ELEVATOR ACCESS required for any multi-story location over 2 stories.  

  4. RESORT/HOTEL events: it is the CLIENTS responsibility to  provide valet parking, luggage cart, elevator access, and ALL fees/gratuities for valet/bellman etc. 

  5. NO PETS are permitted on any MMO equipment.

  6. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if we feel that our equipment could be damaged due to unhygienic living conditions. This covers smoke /pet /mold /insects/pest /vermin /general malodor. 

  7. No refund provided.

  8. SMOKE-FREE environment for all parties.

  9. It is the responsibility of the client to SUPERVISE all children, guests, pets for the duration of the rental agreement. 

  10. MMO equipment should be used only by children AGES 5+

Client/party guests agree not to use MMO proprietary themed tent set ups; including but not limited to: set up/pick up/styling process, decorative items/materials, etc for financial gain, either personal and/or professional.

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